Getting started with a Wordpress blog

Your Wordpress blog has two views:
1. The public view (http://yourblogname) - shows posts, links, feeds and allows comments on posts
2. The administration backend (http://yourblogname/wp-admin) - where you go to adjust settings and add posts etc

Writing or editing a blog post

1. Go to your blog and log in (often via USER TOOLS in navigation bar)
2. Click on the ADMIN link (same location) to take you into the admin backend or go straight to http://yourblogname/wp-admin
3. Click on ADD NEW in left sidebar (or POSTS if you wish to edit an existing post)


4. Construct our post and give it a title
5. Add images or media using the buttons to the right of UPLOAD/INSERT
6. Add links using the lock button
7. NOTE you can save a DRAFT and come back to your post later via SAVE DRAFT function in top right of screen
8. Assign categories to your post (can be multiple) - categories act to sort posts within a single blog into topics. You can search by category or take an RSS feed for one category only.
9. Add TAGS (key descriptive words) to your post. Tags are more granular than categories but are still searchable etc. One post could have 10 tags but only one category. Tags add to searchability ACROSS different blogs and sites.
10. Click PREVIEW button to check how your post will look and then PUBLISH when ready.

Blog settings

In a group blog the blog administrator will assign settings and update plugins etc. If you have your own blog you will need to do this.

1. Go to YOUR PROFILE and adjust your display name. This is what shows at the base of your posts and comments

2. Go to YOUR AVATAR and upload a small thumbnail image you would like to use for your account

3. Add other people who will co-author your blog - generally they will be EDITORS - limit ADMINISTRATORS

4. Go to SETTINGS - GENERAL and adjust the tagline to suit your blog - this is the text that appears beneath the blog name in the banner

5. While you are in SETTINGS - GENERAL and adjust the timezone and date/time formats to suit

6. Go to the WIDGETS (tools) page and drag those you wish to add to your blogs sidebar across. Have a look at the TELT BLOG for some of these options.
Adjust their position by dragging up/down, and edit the details and options where required by clicking on the down arrow next tot he widget name in the sidebar.

7. Go to the PLUGINS page and activate those you require

8. Go to SETTINGS - DISCUSSION and adjust who can comment on posts and what the moderation process will be

9. Check that the blog permission level is as required at SETTINGS - PRIVACY

10. Go to POSTS - ADD NEW and do your first post. You might like to use it to describe the purpose of the blog and how you will use it.
Try inserting an image - upload one of your own or use FlickR CC to locate usable images on Flickr that have an appropriate Creative Commons licence... but don't forget to acknowledge them with a link back tot heir image page.