3rd party tools to use with FlickR


An online media creation tool that allows users to combine images, video, voice and music into presentations that can be embedded on sites
I haven't played with this one yet but looks fab.


Online collaborative, multimedia slide show that holds images, documents, and videos and allows people to navigate pages and leave comments in 5 ways - using voice (with a mic or telephone), text, audio file, or video (via a webcam). Share a VoiceThread with friends, students, and colleagues for them to record comments too.


Create custom Google Maps from your geotagged Flickr Photos to embed in your website or blog, or for sending to Facebook, Twitter or your favourite website.

Mosaic maker

There are some great tools @ Big Huge Labs – http://bighugelabs.com/flickr/ including the Mosaic maker - http://bighugelabs.com/flickr/mosaic.php
The great thing about Mosaic Maker is that it automatically attributes each image in the collection with a link back to the source in FlickR as follows:
1.Dervish Dahlia, 2. Tree Dahlias, 3. Pink Dahlia Macro, 4. Dahlia, 5. pink dahlia, 6. dahlia, 7. Dahlia pinnata, 8. Red Dahlia with White Tips, 9. Soft Pink and White Dahlia, 10. dahlia, 11. Dahlia, 12. Whimsey Dahlia,
- up to 6 x 6 grids with attribution links (only use Creative Commons licensed images)

Nice badge creator

FlickR badges provide an RSS feed from an account, set, group, or tag that can be displayed in the sidebar or on a page of a wiki, blog etc
here is a FlickR badge toolinside FlickR, but the Flickriver one is even better.
Generally they can be displayed either horizontally or vertically....
This is what it looks like:
external image fractal.jpg

FlickR E-cards

This tool creates e-postcards using either CC FlickR images based on tag, or your own uploaded or FlickR image URL.
Unfortunately the written message appears only on the image.

Colr Pickr

Allow a FlickR search based on colour.

Multicolr Search Lab

and another one - this time for multi-colour selection

FlickR ID getter

Some external applications require entry of an ID for user or group that is separate to your domain name or display name
this tool identifies this for you


Travelr is a free photo gallery viewer that you can put on your own site. It lets you display your Flickr photos geographically on a world map.

Visual dictionary

Combines results from FlickR with Wiktionary and other tools
external image visualsearch.jpg


A comic strip creator using images from FlickR

Tag Galaxy

Tag Galaxy provides a spherical visual interface to search for and view photos from Flickr.
external image taggalaxy.jpg

Spell with FlickR

A tool to create code to spell words using letter images from FlickR
external image 3957522155_0f7581c3f1_t.jpg external image 4097908924_9a43f56294_t.jpg external image 3825176868_c6cfba296e_t.jpg external image 4069662391_d00debb0cc_t.jpg external image 4124737414_042ffa1e15_t.jpg external image 3825654897_33963628af_t.jpg external image 4059584568_3587c1e049_t.jpg


Creates a large montage of images based on tags
Note: these do not necessarily have a CC licence

Guide to using FlickR in Education: