Embeddable slideshows

It's possible to search for a tag in FlickR or to select a Group or user and to create a dynamic slideshow of those images.
FlickR slideshows offer HTML embed code, much like YouTube, that allows you to insert the actual slideshow (as below) into a wiki page, blog or LMS such as Blackboard 9 or Moodle

  • to embed in a wikispace - Click on the blue embed icon in the toolbar, select the other html option, paste the code into the box
  • to embed in a blog post - Click on the HTML tab in the post creation area, paste the code into the post area where you wish it to occur
  • to embed in Blackboard 9 - in the CONTENT area, click on Create Item and turn OFF the visual editor, select HTML option and paste in code - submit

Here are a few slideshow options demonstrated using the tag 'fractal' :

1. The inbuilt FlickR slideshow tool

Go to a tag, set, user or group and locate the 'create slideshow' link in the top right
Open the slideshow
Click on SHARE in the top right
Copy the html embed code

2. SlidR

NOTE: for wikispaces replace the word 'centre' in the code with 'middle'

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

3. Slideoo


4. FotoViewR



Guide to using FlickR in Education: