Groups and galleries


Individual FlickR members are able to connect to pool photos and discuss the topic via FlickR Groups.
Groups can be created to be public or private. Private groups are not listed anywhere on the Flickr site. You can join them only by invitation.
In educational contexts, a group offers a means by which educators can create a course/class space for students who have their own FlickR accounts.
A slideshow from the group can then be embedded on another course site such as an LMS or wiki

When you create a group, you are automatically made its first administrator. As administrator, you can also promote members to help you run the group.
A group admin can:
1. Modify information about the group - name, description, links, set a URL, privacy, icons
2. Determine group moderation rules - content, submission frequency, safety
3. Create group participation rules
A group moderator can:
1. Approve or remove photos from the pool
2. Moderate group discussions
3. Remove or ban members

Sharing images with the group
If individuals have been made a group member, images can be added by clicking the "Send to Group" button between the photo title and the photo, and selecting the group name.
FlickR members with a free account can add any one photo to a maximum of 10 group pools. If you have a Flickr Pro account, you can add any one photo to 60 groups.



Galleries offer a way to gather/curate up to 18 public photos or videos of other FlickR members into one place.
You cannot add your own images to a Gallery you create/manage.

To create a Gallery go to a photo or video that you want to add and click "Add to gallery."
You can then create a new gallery or add the image to an existing one.

In educational contexts Galleries could be used by students to gather images that demonstrate a particular concept or theme. They could also be used by educators to demonstrate exemplars.

Guide to using FlickR in Education: