Establishing a FlickR account and settings

Before you begin you will need to decide whether you want each individual to have their own FlickR account from which you can pool relevant images, OR
whether you wish to create a group account with a shared login that everyone contributing can use.
There are pros and cons with both option.
You will also need to decide whether you wish to begin with a free or Pro account. It's often a good move to begin with a free account and then upgrade if you find you like it or require more storage etc

Individual vs group accounts?

Personal accounts :
Individual staff and students can create their own personal account. The benefit is that individual students can create and manage a personal portfolio of their work that will extend beyond their time at UNSW.
One downside is that it can become flooded with work related images! Another is that the images will go with you when you leave UNSW (although there are ways around this using Groups)
Group/ project accounts:
The other option for courses and projects is that an account is created with a generic username and shared password. The benefits are that non-FlickR users can still contribute, that all images are together in one spot, and that work related images are kept separate to personal accounts.
You could also use a group account along with individual student accounts.

Free vs Pro accounts

Free :
you can upload 2 videos and 100MB worth of photos each calendar month. Only the most recent 200 images are displayed although all remain accessible.
Pro (USD$24.95/yr)) :
Unlimited photo uploads (20MB per photo), unlimited video uploads (90 seconds max, 500MB per video), the ability to show HD Video, unlimited storage and bandwidth, archiving of high-resolution original images, the ability to replace a photo, ad-free browsing and sharing etc
It is possible to upgrade to PRO at any time.
You can find an up-to-date list of the benefits of both free and pro accounts on the FlickR FAQ site.

Step 1: register with Yahoo

To use FlickR you must have a Yahoo account.
Head into FlickR and register with Yahoo by clicking the CREATE YOUR ACCOUNT button on the homepage and then the SIGN UP button on the following page.

Step 2: establish your FlickR profile

Log in to your account and from your homepage, click on the YOU pull-down menu and select YOUR PROFILE.
Click on the EDIT YOUR PROFILE button in the top right corner of the page to adjust your site name, personal details, online spaces etc.
NOTE: you can change your username at any time but you CANNOT alter your domain name once created so choose carefully!

Step 3: adjust account settings

Also under the YOU pull-down menu you can click on and edit your ACCOUNT details.
In this section you can set your privacy and permissions (see tab at top), your default copyright licence and upgrade, if you wish, to a PRO account .
A benefit of using a personal account (as opposed to group) is that you can manage licence, access, organise images to suit your individual needs.


The default setting in FlickR is "All Rights Reserved". This means that other people cannot use your image in any way without contacting you first for permission.
Many people however are happy to share their images under a variety of conditions. FlickR utilises Creative Commons licence options to enable this. You can adjust the licence on individual images or your entire account.
For more information about Creative Commons licences click here.

Privacy settings: access permissions

You can also adjust who can SEE your images at an account or individual image level.
If you choose PRIVATE those you DO want to allow access to must both a) have a FlickR account, and b) be labeled as 'friend' or 'family'


Guide to using FlickR in Education: