ICT in Literacy - discussion session

Focus questions and the groups responses:

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What technologies are being used by ELLN practitioners and how?
  • digital cameras
  • texting/ SMS and mobile phones
  • CD based software programs
  • Operating system programs - Word, Excel etc
  • Email
  • Blog
  • Wikis
  • Web conferencing
  • Learning management systems
  • Internet - research, activities etc
  • data projectors
  • powerpoint - stories with audio, excursion records etc
  • digital storytelling
  • voice online - podcasts, MP3 files
  • tape recorders
* video
  • Government funded resources online
  • virtual meeting rooms
  • virtual worlds
  • DVDs
  • online image repositories and sharing services
  • online tutorials - driving programs etc
  • simulations
  • CBLPs? - high rich media materials
  • text to voice

How have they changed in recent years?

  • greater ease of access
  • faster bandwidth
  • more options available
  • more now free
  • learners as publishers now
  • more ways now to 'get into trouble' online
  • greater expectation of ICT integration
  • revised notions of 'literacy'

What issues are being encountered?

  • critical literacy issues and needs
  • diversity of needs
  • access to technology not available outside of classroom
  • losing face to face hours and outcomes
  • the updating of teacher skills - PD
  • teacher resistance
  • access to computer labs and required hardware
* management notions of literacy
  • lack of IT support
  • licencing and copyright
* technology vs pedagogy
  • privacy, security and safety issues
  • software funding issues
  • maintaining and upgrading hardware
  • place of technology in curricula - or lack of
  • time for learning, PD, preparation, familiarisation
  • publicity of options and resources
  • keeping material up to date - (discussion about use of wiki type facility)
  • quality review
  • server space
  • bandwidth
  • unreliable tools and technologies
  • some overly text-based options

How can ACAL support the field in this area?
  • information on options, resources etc
  • reviews of online programs and sites
  • establishment of portal
  • ongoing PD via LIteracy Live etc
  • working towards PD $$
  • lobbying for inclusion of ICT in curricula

National snapshots: ELLN use of technology

Coffs Harbour
ANZAC Day (note: in PowerPoint, students are able to activate the sound to hear the text read aloud.)
Fruit - PowerPoint for beginners ESL - vocabulary, practice pronunciation, reading, sing/plural
Wendy's class wiki - ESL class activity centre - allows individual work, collaboration, teacher 1:1 as needed.
Maggies Class - Protopage more teacher-directed page for lower-level ESL students - (learning/practising basic computer skills) - ( note: p2 used as teachers' workspace/storeroom)
other activities offered in same lesson include working on commercially published programs; writing/illustrating own stories in Word; etc.
Student story #1
Student story #2

Girls Talk
Coona Mob

Port Macquarie
DST 2006

St George
Sydney's People Podcast
Our class 2006

Sydney AMES
Dot's PageFlake for students


Preston ACE, Vic

NSW TAFE Outreach
NSWTOx Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Communities