October 6 ACAL Workshop:

Connecting voices: new mindsets, new opportunities

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image by sridgway

A revolution: by opening my eyes to a form of literacy that I had originally left to my teenager - now I want the computer back!
... Paul

2.05pm – 3.55pm Breakout 8

TAFE SA, Adelaide City Campus Computer Suite

Tags: acal06 + adultliteracy + techliteracy


2:00 Introductions and overview of Web2.0 and social software phenomenon
2:15 Run through 4 tools - Blogs, Wikis, Media sharing, Social Bookmarking as a group
2:45 Participants choose one+ tool to explore in detail, hands-on
3:45 wrap up - Uses in education discussion and dot points in this wikispace

Audio recording of participants feedback at the end of the session (8 min 1.9 Meg)


Robyn Jay

Stephan Ridgway