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Robyn Jay
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Work background

I work as an education consultant supporting providers and educators with learning design, course facilitation, e-learning solutions, project management, event co-ordination and facilitation, and staff capability development.
Prior to this I worked in a number of roles including Learning & Teaching Architect within the IT Department of UNSW and various program management roles with the Australian Flexible Learning Framework.

I have a Masters Degree in Education and since 1982 have worked across all age groups from Early Childhood (Indigenous communities and regional community-driven preschools) to Higher Education. In adult education I've worked in all sectors, ACE, TAFE, Private RTOs and in the workplace. From 1992 - 2005 I worked in the adult literacy/numeracy field as a teacher, program coordinator, regional support officer, and education consultant.


I have always been interested in how technology can enrich the opportunities available to learners who battle with traditional teaching and learning approaches, modes, styles and the heavy emphasis placed on written text.
I have been committed to supporting adult literacy and VET practitioners to expand their skills and their thinking to be in a position to integrate new technologies, particularly multimedia, into their teaching practice. In 2001 I was exposed to the world of Digital Storytelling (combining voice/narrative, images, text and music into mini-movies) and have run professional development for teachers and friends ever since. In 2005 I established the Digitales wiki to support the uptake of DST in VET.
More recently I have been interested in social media and the switch to a Web 2.0 mindset that has enabled global connections, self-publishing, and collaboration; giving a voice to those previously excluded from the online world.

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Robyn is an experienced project manager and educator with a passion for student centred multi-modal learning design that actively engages and prepares learners for life in a technically rich and globally networked world. As an educator Robyn focuses on experiences that draw on interests and strengths, which give students voice, and which encourage reflection, critique and collaboration. In staff support and capability building roles she seeks to equip educators with skills and strategies to enrich practice and better meet the needs of ALL learners. Robyn holds NSW Adult Learners Week Innovation and WAVE Writers awards and a 2005 DEST Ministers Award for Outstanding Contribution to Literacy and Numeracy. Her 2003 Flexible Learning Leader scholarship culminated in a paper - Rethinking models of literacy provision for the 21st century – and sought to reshape the notion of ‘literacy’ and to influence program design for learners our traditional education models have failed.

Career highlights

2003 Flexible Learning Leader scholarship
2004 WAVE Writers Award
2004 NSW Adult Learners Week - Innovation Award
2005 DEST Ministers Award for Outstanding Contribution to Literacy and Numeracy